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About This Website

The purpose of this website is to serve as both a historical repository and a gathering place for Tormeys and Tormey descendants to meet, share information and celebrate our ancestors' past. Using technology and the power of the internet, our goal is to present our history in a dynamic and exciting fashion -- one that will inspire others to join in the effort to research our past and broaden knowledge of our shared heritage.



Originally created in 1998, this site is financed and maintained by Michael Tormey, of St. Petersburg, Florida. Much of his personal research and writings are contained herein. In addition, many valuable contributions have been made to this site by other Fellow Researchers: Marybeth Tormey Stevens, Mary-Deirdre Coraggio, Lawrence R. Tormey, Robert W. Tormey, John J. Tormey III, and the late James Tormey Clare. In particular, special thanks goes out to Marybeth Tormey Stevens, whose enduring energy and steadfast support have been an inspiration to us all.



All of us who research Tormey history and make contributions to this site do so on our own time and at our own expense. Unfortunately, jobs, family responsibilities and other challenges of life do sometimes get in the way and hinder our efforts to make timely updates or respond to personal requests for information in a timely fashion. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. And we thank you for your feedback and words of encouragement, which have motivated us to push forward and make this site the best it can be.


How You Can Help

This site would not be what it is today without the involvement of many Tormeys and Tormey descendants throughout the world.

If you are an amateur or professional genealogist studying Tormey family history, please consider joining our Registry of Fellow Researchers. (Please contact Michael Tormey for more information.)

If you are not a genealogist, but have information that would nonetheless be of interest to other Tormeys, we encourage you to contact us and consider contributing your knowledge for the benefit of generations to come.

And to even those who are just beginners, all visitors to this site are encouraged to at least contribute the latest information about their own immediate family to the Worldwide Tormey Genealogy Database. (Please contact Marybeth Tormey Stevens for details on this valuable database.)


Copyright Restrictions

The contents of this website are not public domain. They are the result of decades of hard work on the part of Michael Tormey and all Fellow Researchers. Though materials found herein are offered freely to all Tormeys and Tormey descendants to print and copy for personal reference, reproduction for commercial use or personal gain is strictly prohibited. No information or images contained in this website may be published in any form (electronic or hardcopy) without express written permission.

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