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Michael Tormey, October 2007
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Hello, and thank you for visiting my genealogy home on the web!

This website is actually the byproduct of several of my personal hobbies: genealogy, American history, antique photography, graphic design and computers. I cannot think of a more perfect medium to express my enthusiasm for my family's history or a more efficient way to share my work with family members and other historians. It is my sincere hope that your visits here will prove to be a positive and fulfilling experience.


A Brief Introduction

I was born in New Hampshire, but with the exception of college years in both Baltimore (Loyola College) and Japan (Kansai University of Foreign Studies), I have spent the rest of my life in Florida. (My family moved to Florida in 1973, just before my seventh birthday.) I currently live in St. Petersburg, on Boca Ciega Bay and commute weekdays to Sarasota, where I maintain a financial planning practice on St. Armands Circle. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter, Stephanie, who, as of this writing (November 2008), is a Junior in High School.


Stephanie Tormey, October 2007
(Tina Golder photography, Sarasota, Florida)


How I Came to Create to Create This Website

While it has had many evolutions over the years, I originally created this website in 1998 as a way to share my genealogy work with immediate family members. Much to my surprise, the website was quickly noticed by others beyond my immediate family -- most notably Marybeth Tormey Stevens -- who took interest in my work. Marybeth and others, believing that all Tormeys are somehow related to a common past many, many generations ago, encouraged me to broaden my reach and to provide a forum that would be of help to Tormeys around the world who were also interested in researching their family history. Hence, the addition of message boards and historical narratives on Tormeys outside my own Maryland Tormey line. Clearly, this site has a long way to go to meet its full potential; but I am hopeful that, with the help and encouragement of others, it will continue to grow and help connect more and more Tormey families.


About My Genealogy Research

I first became interested in genealogy as a young teenager, having been inspired by the work of my great aunt, Florence McDivit Casey. Reading her lengthy narrative on the history of my McDivit ancestors, I found myself captivated by the past and imagining the lives my ancestors lived. It was not until I went away to college in 1985, that I began serious research of my own -- committed to unraveling the details of my Tormey past, much as my great aunt had done on the McDivit side of my family.

My Tormey ancestors in America are part of the line I have come to call the "Maryland Tormeys" (a reference to our family's long history in the state, following the emigration of our earliest known ancestor, Patrick Tormey, from Ireland to Maryland in 1816). To date, our family's history in Maryland has been the primary focus of my personal research (though I have also developed over the years a broad interest in general Tormey history that extends beyond my own personal ancestors).

As much as I have discovered about my family's history in Maryland, I feel I have barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. Meeting and speaking with distant cousins and other family members always seems to reveal new pieces of information or leads that I can follow up on. I am especially grateful when old family photographs or other family artifacts surface now and then that I can copy and add to our family archives. (It is amazing how much can be learned from items such as photographs, paintings, old family bibles, journals, personal records or correspondence. And ironically, the simplest of such items has sometimes proven to be the most revealing.)

To date, the furthest back I have been able to trace my Tormey ancestors is to Patrick Tormey who, as stated above, emigrated from Ireland in 1816. (He was my great-great-great grandfather.) I have learned that he was born in Athleague, County Roscommon, in 1796, but thus far I have been unsuccessful at tracing our family back to any prior generations before him. My long term goal, of course, is to learn more about our roots in Ireland and to perhaps connect our family line with other lines that also originated in the Athleague area.


Other Surnames I am Researching

While my Maryland Tormey ancestors have been the primary focus of my personal research, I am also researching the following related family lines: Bullard, Crey, Diffendall, Hartman, Heuisler, Jamison, Mason
, McDivit, Rodick and Smith.

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