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John J. Tormey III, Esq.

Fellow Researcher


Email Address:

Postal Address: 1324 Lexington Ave, PMB 188, New York, NY 10128, U.S.A.

Phone: 212-410-4142 (office)


ohn has been researching both his personal family tree and general Tormey history (particularly, the origins of the Tormey name) since 1995.

In his own family line, he has traced back as far as his great-great-great-grandfather, Michael Tormey, who was known to be a farmer in County Westmeath, Ireland in 1849.

John's great-great-grandfather, Denis Francis Tormey (son of Michael Tormey of Westmeath), emigrated from Ireland to England in about the year 1849.  He lived in Birkenhead, England until his death in 1873. His wife, Bridget Hand Tormey (originally of County Monaghan, Ireland), left England for America shortly after the death of her husband, bringing with her her children -- which included John's great-grandfather, Denis Francis Tormey (II), who was just a 6-month old baby at the time.  They made their home in New York, where successive generations have continued to live.

In addition to researching his own family roots, John has developed many contacts and resources that have provided insightful information regarding the origins of the Tormey name in general. 

In 1997, John visited County Westmeath, Ireland, and made many close friends of the local Tormeys while there.

John is married and lives in New York City.  He is an attorney by profession, his practice being primarily focused on the entertainment industry. (See for more information.)

If you would like to compare notes with John or have any information that would be helpful in researching his personal family tree, please contact him by email.

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