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(Anthony Tormey is a descendant of the Northeast Pennsylvania Tormeys, which is where he tends to focus his genealogy research. If you are researching Pennsylvania Tormey history and would like to compare notes with Anthony, or if you have additional information that may be helpful to him in his research, he welcomes you to contact him at the address or email listed above. Writing about his quest to discover his roots, Anthony submitted the following on June 26, 2006.)


I started my research at a relatively young age, somewhere around 15 or 16 years old (1975-1976). (I'm not sure where the motivation came from, but at the time I was also in a Fyfe and Drum Corps called the Young Colonials out of Carmel, NY and I re-enacted battles of the Revolutionary War with the 64th Regiment, Royal Artillery, out of Fishkill, NY.)

At the time, my father and his siblings knew nothing of their paternal grandparents, much less their ancestry. Neither they, nor I, had a clue where the Tormey name originated. It was only as a result of my research and the help of yes, Marybeth Tormey Stevens and Mary-Deirdre Coraggio, that I discovered we were Irish.

Subsequent to Marybeth and Mary-Deirdre, I met Kathy Greiss who introduced me to the late James Tormey Clare. Between the two of them, I was able to identify the origins of my roots in the U.S. and to pick up where our tree branched off. Since then, I have met many "distant" relatives, all whom are wonderful people.

My goal has been to communicate with at least one living descendant of my great grandfather's children, of which I have been successful with all but one, Lucy Tormey-Conrad (out of the nine children, two died before adulthood, one son had no children, one was my grandfather and the remaining four were women with new last names). It's been a fun and exciting journey. I've made some great friends and am always looking to meet new "family".

If you have an interest in the Northeast Pennsylvania Tormeys, feel free to call or email me.



(Outside of his interest in genealogy and family history, Anthony Tormey leads a busy life. Professionally, he is president and founder of the Leader Development Institute, a consulting, training and development firm that specialized in workforce development and leadership skills development. He believes that at home, at work, across the nation and around the world, we need extraordinary leaders; and to that end he uses his talents to influence as many future leaders as possible. Following are excerpts taken from his corporate bio, as published by the Leader Development Institute.)


With over twenty years of active duty military service, Anthony has planned and participated in military operations around the world, from small team tactics to large-scale joint military operations. He has employed the concepts of effective leadership, trained junior officers and NCOs in personal and organizational improvement and advised senior leaders in the areas of Quality and Organizational Strategic Planning.

Anthony has conducted seminars, workshops and keynotes across America and around the world on subjects from "Successful Project Management", "Lead First -- Manage Second", "Power Teams", "Stop Taking Care of Your Employees", "Leadership for Life", "The Perfect Storm -- Boomers, Diversity and Technology", "The P.O.W.E.R. of Character", and more.

He inspires business leaders, executives, supervisors and frontline employees to not simply be good at what they do, but to be extraordinary. He uses his incredible passion and ability to communicate to illustrate his principles for leadership and success -- "Extraordinary leaders have extraordinary character... with extraordinary character they are NOT AFRAID.

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