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Genealogy Records: Maryland Tormeys

Following are links to family group sheets and pedigree charts of older generations of Maryland Tormeys.  

If you would like information on other generations or individuals not provided here, please contact me directly by email.  Likewise, as these pages are a work in progress (and will likely never be complete), if you spot any errors or missing facts, please let me know.


Family Group Sheets:

Patrick Tormey & Jane Jamison
Noah Walker Caughy & Mary Jane Tormey
Leonard Jamison Tormey & Ellen Mary Jenkins
James Edward Tormey & Mary Mason
Francis Edward Tormey & Mary Agnes Heuisler
Joseph Stanislaus Heuisler & Catherine McCann
James McDivit & Sally Wise
Joseph Philip McDivit & Mary Josephine Diffendal
John Albert McDivit & Florence Hartman


Pedigree Charts:

John Smith
Jane Jamison
Joseph Heuisler Tormey
Mary Josephine McDivit


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