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Origins of the Tormey Name


While Tormeys may have lived in Ireland for 900-1,000 years or more, many experts believe our ancestors were originally Scandinavian Norsemen who settled in the Irish Midlands...

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Tormeys of Historical Note in Ireland


Over the past 400 years, various members of Tormey families have been recorded, primarily for their political activities against English rule of their homeland...

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Message Boards


Searching for a missing link or lost family member? Visit interactive message boards where you can post research queries and review the messages left by other site visitors...

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Father Michael Tormey: Priest and Patriot


Arguably, the greatest and most prominent anti-English voice in the post-Famine years in Ireland belonged to a young priest, Fr. Michael Tormey, a native of County Westmeath...

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The First Tormey in America?


Maryland Tormeys can trace their ancestry to Ireland by way of our earliest immigrant ancestor, Patrick Tormey, who emigrated from Ireland to America on a sailing ship in 1816, at the age of 20...

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Our Revolutionary War Ancestor


In addition to our Irish roots, Maryland Tormeys are also connected to a rich early American heritage by way of our matriarch, Jane Jamison, who married Patrick Tormey in 1825...

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The California Tormeys


Their's is a dramatic story, not unlike many immigrants who proceeded or followed them -- full of success and failures, happiness and sadness, riches made and riches lost...

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History of


No history of Rodeo would be complete without mention of early California pioneers John and Patrick Tormey, brothers who emigrated from Ireland and settled in California in the mid 1800s...

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The Rise and
Fall of Tormey, California


Lost to the annals of history is the small town of Tormey that, until 1971, thrived in the upper northwest corner of Contra Costa County, about 28 miles outside of San Francisco...

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Pennsylvania Tormeys


James and Mary Tormey of Athleague, County Roscommon, sought refuge from the Great Potato Famine by emigrating to America. They ultimately settled in northeastern Pennsylvania...

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In Memory of James Tormey Clare


A memorial tribute to James Tormey Clare, a Fellow Researcher who made valuable contributions to our knowledge of Tormey history...

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Archbishop Giolla-Iosa O'Tormaigh


Archbishop of Ardagh during the period of 1232-1237, Giolla-Iosa O'Tormaigh is the earliest known Tormey to have been recorded in written texts, some eight centuries ago ...

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The McDivits & the McDivit "Home Place"


To those Maryland Tormeys with McDivits in their family tree, the colorful history of our McDivit roots is as important as our Tormey heritage. This 1963 narrative documents the family history, dating back to 1817...

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Views of Baltimore --
Past & Present


Descendants of Patrick Tormey have lived in Baltimore for over 150 years. View Baltimore as our ancestors saw it six generations ago and see the city it has evolved into today...

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Faces from
the Past


There is perhaps nothing more gratifying to a family historian than finding an old photograph of an ancestor and finally putting a face to a name and a past...

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Michael's Top Ten Tips:
With so much information to track down, organize and make sense of, researching your family tree can seem like a daunting task. Michael offers his top ten tips for making sense of the mayhem.» Read more
Index of Tormey Immigrants to America:
An index of Tormeys known to have immigrated to America, listed in the order of their arrival in the U.S. Join our research effort by submitting information about your own Tormey immigrant ancestors. And to our Australian cousins out there, we want to hear from you too! Be among the first to contribute information for our upcoming Index of Tormey Immigrants to Australia... » Read more

The Fairy Child of James Tormey:
A bit of Irish folklore has it that, in 1938, fairies attempted to abduct the newborn child of James Tormey and substitute in its place a fairy changeling...» Read more


Genealogy Records of the Maryland Tormeys:
Detailed Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts of various Maryland Tormeys extending back five generations. » Read more

Registry of Fellow Researchers:
Several amateur genealogists are registered with the Tormey Family History Website as Fellow Researchers actively involved in researching Tormey genealogy...» Read more
Tormey Message Boards:
Links to and Message Boards where you can post queries or read the postings of other Tormey and Tormey descendants around the world...» Read more


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